Configuring RealPlayer bandwidth

Configuring RealPlayer bandwidth
If the movie doesn't run smoothly, the bandwidth for RealPlayer is probably not well configured.
To adjust this, right-click in the movie (for Mac: hold ctrl key down and click in movie) and release on 'Play in RealPlayer' (for Linux: start RealPlayer separately).

RealPlayer will start separately. In the menu bar click on 'Tools' (for Mac: on 'RealOne Player') and release on 'Preferences...'

In Preference, click on 'Connection'. Here you can configure the Bandwidth.
You can click on 'Test Connection...' (not on Mac or Linux) to let Real automatically configure the bandwidth.
But this is not always right. If the automatic configuring makes no sense, do it manually.
Most important is the 'Normal' bandwidth. Never set this higher than your real Internet connection speed.
And never set this lower than the lowest quality in the stream, in our case 'Dual ISDN (128 Kbps)'.
In both cases the stream will not play smoothly.
For most people in the Netherlands Normal and Maximum bandwidth on 'DSL/Cable (768 Kbps)' will do.